Viera Lukacova, PhD

Simulations Plus

Director of Simulation Sciences

Dr. Lukacova is Director of Simulation Sciences at Simulations Plus, Inc. Over the last decade she has been contributing to the research in the area of mechanistic absorption and PBPK modeling and the development of GastroPlus™, DDDPlus™, and MembranePlus™ software packages widely used throughout the pharmaceutical industry in early drug development, formulation, pre-clinical, and clinical research.

She also contributes to modeling studies helping companies with their drug development programs ranging from early discovery stage, through formulation development, and up to clinical pharmacology and interactions with regulatory agencies. She authored a number of papers in computational chemistry, basic research of transport of small molecules through artificial membranes, and pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic modeling in peer-reviewed journals and served as a reviewer of publications in the same areas.