Richard Lu, PhD

Donghua University

Dr. Xihua Lu received his Ph.D. degree in materials science & engineering from University of North Texas, Texas, USA and did his postdoctoral research at Northwestern University located at Evanston, IL, USA. Dr. Lu joined the team of Delivery & Material Technology at R&D of International Flavors &Fragrances Inc. In 2012, Dr. Lu was selected for Shanghai High-level Talents. Currently, Dr. Lu is a professor and supervisor as doctoral graduate students in College of Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology of Donghua University. Dr. Lu is a principal investigator for National Natural Science Foundation of China, International Cooperation Project of Shanghai Municipality, and other projects. Dr Lu was a team member for National Science Foundation and National Institute of Health as a PhD student and postdoc. Dr. Lu has been interested in the synthesis and fundamental studies of self-assembly, and technological innovation of novel smart nanogels. And Dr. Lu has been working on the research, development, and industrialization of microcapsule technologies. His research achievements have been published in the leading international peer-reviewed journals such as Advanced Materials and Macromolecules, and have been filed for more than 30 US patents, European patents, and Chinese patents. Some of research achievements have been industrialized. In 2013, Dr Lu created “Anhui Microdelivery Smart Microcapsule Sci. & Tech. Co. Ltd. to develop and commercialize different microcapsule products, including fragrance microcapsule, phase change material (PCM) microcapsule, sunscreen microcapsule, mosquito-repellent microcapsule, and photochromic microcapsule. In 2015, Dr. Lu achieved “Winning Enterprise” in China fourth innovation and entrepreneurship competition (Shanghai) and won “Excellent Enterprise” in China fourth innovation and entrepreneurship competition. In 2017, Dr. Lu was awarded the first prize in “Creating China” Anhui innovation and entrepreneurship competition. In 2018, Dr. Lu was selected for Anhui High-level Talents (Entrepreneurship).