Michael Burr, MBA, MS


Mr. Burr has over 10 years of experience in ocular drug delivery and device development. As Vice President of Product Development, he oversees the commercial development of iVeena’s pipeline. He holds master’s degrees in Biomedical Engineering and Business Administration. He has developed and validated ocular drug delivery platforms with focus on improving the delivery of drugs to the back of the eye. Mr. Burr has led the development of iVeena’s most advanced program; a small molecule drug delivery implant, including formulation, GMP manufacturing, regulatory development, and the preclinical program, which includes oversight of a GLP toxicology study. The development of this drug delivery product continues where he still maintains oversight of the program’s operations; the most recent milestone completed is a 20-patient pilot clinical trial. Additionally, Mr. Burr has developed a novel wet AMD model in rabbits (unpublished) that uses subretinal delivery of AAV-VEGF to induce neovascularization.