The Changing Paradigm Toward Oral Delivery of Biomolecules

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There has been an overall industry push toward oral delivery of peptides and large biomolecules, especially followed by the recent regulatory approval of an oral peptide treatment for type II diabetes.
Obtaining good oral bioavailability of these complex molecules is one of the big challenges in the pharmaceutical industry, but the related improvement in treatments is too remarkable to be neglected, as the route offers big advantages in compliance and convenience for patients.
This workshop is designed to introduce participants to disruptive/cutting-edge oral delivery technologies currently used in the industry as well as developed in academia and in drug delivery companies, highlighting successes and hurdles in these systems in order to meet challenging performance, stability and manufacturing targets.
This is a unique opportunity to discuss this hot-topic with the experts in the field, share ideas and touch base on the challenges in oral delivery of biomolecules.

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