3D Printing Technology in Drug Delivery

Product Development, Manufacturing and Personalized Medicine

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As 3D printing technology is becoming more accessible to pharmaceutical scientists and the first 3D printed drug product was approved by FDA in July, 2015, using 3D printing technology to develop pharmaceutical products has gained significant interests in pharmaceutical industry and academia. In this workshop, audience will be able to learn the current status of 3D printing technology and its applications in pharmaceutical areas. The topics covered in this workshop include the landscape of 3D printing in pharmaceuticals, design of drug delivery using 3D printing technology, the role of 3D printing technology in pharmaceutical product development process, continuous manufacturing using 3D printing technology, personalized dosing, and regulatory aspect of 3D printing technology for pharmaceutical products.

This workshop offers an opportunity for the scientists from industry and academia to learn and understand the applications of 3D technology in pharmaceutical area as well as for the senior management/industrial leaders to understand the role of 3D printing in product development, continuous manufacturing and future application in personalize medicine.

The goals of this workshop are to:
1) Learn different 3D printing technologies
2) Understand the advantages and limitation of current available 3D printing technologies in pharmaceutical applications
3) Learn the role of 3D printing technologies in drug delivery, pharmaceutical product development, manufacturing and individualized dosing
4) Help industry leaders to strategically plan the applications of 3D printing technology in their organization

Upon the completion of this workshop, attendees will have a good understanding of the current status of 3D printing technology in pharmaceutical applications and will be able to identify the potential application of 3D printing technology in their own work.